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Database management system:

Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, HSQL, Interbase/Firebird, dBase, PostgreSQL, Informix, DB2, MariaDB, MS Access, Paradox, IMS, Sybase,  MongoDB, RavenDB, BigTable, Cassandra, CouchDB, Hypertable.

Web tools and technologies:

Java EE, Java SE, Web Services, JSON, REST, RMI, JNDI, JSP, JSF, Velocity, SSL, JBoss, JBoss Seam, Apache, Apache Wicket, GlassFish,  Drools, Hibernate, JPA, EJB, Seam, Swing, xSwing (in-house extension of Swing library), Spring, Freemarker, GWT, Thinlet, CSS, JQuery, HTML, xHTML, MVC, PrimeFaces, RichFaces, AngularJS, Grails, GORM, ASP .NET Web Forms, Silverlight, AJAX.

Programming languages:

 Delphi, Pascal, C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, Objective C, Assembler, Visual Basic, Groovy(Grails), XML/XLS, SGML, UML,  Algol, Prolog, LISP.

Scripting languages:

ant, escript, PHP, JavaScript, Flash/ActionScript, Flash Lite, TSQL, noSQL, PL/SQL, Perl, Python, Ruby.

Development environments:

MS Visual Studio, Delphi, JBuilder, Eclipce, NetBeans, C++ Builder, xCode, Borland Developer Studio, PL/SQL Developer.

Reporting systems:

Jasper Reports, iReport, Rave Reports, Crystal Reports, Aperte Reports.

Mobile technologies:

Java ME, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry OS, Bada, Brew.

Project methodologies:

Scrum, Agile, Prince2, PMI/PMBOK.


Visual Basic for Applications (Excel), OpenGL, DirectX, DirectShow, GIS.