Our Portfolio


Our Portfolio

See what projects we have completed so far.


Business Applications:

This software aims to streamline the management of small, medium, and large enterprises. Their deployment have upgraded business processes of our Clients

Codeware – project management and work time control
Fondsstudie – an application facilitating the management of investment funds
HTool – a system for filtering through financial instruments by pre-set parameters
Factsheets – a report generator for investment funds and other financial instruments




Management systems:

Good management organization is the key to make it work. Our applications are there to help this. Have a look at some of our solutions.

Wahoo – a management system for a finance business
VPOffice – a system of managing contractors in a finance business
Provision – a system managing agencies and branch offices
PayMyJob – a system supporting enterprise management




Industrial software:

Designed to supervise, exchanges messages and report.

PipeCommander – a system handling the management, maintenance and repairs of linear transmission systems
EasyPAN/PANDigit – applications virtual inspection of sewer pipes
WK-Burn – an application for CD/DVD recording
Dplayer – a player for the material collected during inspection




Mobile applications:

Designed for those who want to be up to date any time and any place.

MyAppDepot P / MyAppDepot B – twin applications for investment portfolio management
MKLux – an application monitoring selected financial instruments of a specific deposit bank
KFPTouren – an application supporting the management of shipment and transport orders